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RGB Color Mixer V.2 Update

** Update – After user testing we will not be using rubberization, we may leave the FSR sensors raw, or use leather to cover them. We will also be moving from the Lightblue Bean to an Arduino Micro and the Bluefruit be Adafruit bluetooth 2.0 adapter.
As my partner Gladys works on the javascript conversion of the software I have been working on the physical parts of the system. The new system will have two separate bluetooth controllers housed in bamboo boxes with laser etched translucent white acrylic tops. I have also been experimenting with different kinds of rubber to give users more control over the color values in the game, the play testing will be crucial in helping make a decision on this.

Bamboo Controller

Semi Finished Bluetooth Prototype


Sanding down the laser cut acrylic.

rubber sample

Testing different rubber treatments on version one.


P.Com Midterm and Final Project Proposal

For our P.Com midterm my partner, Gladys Chan and I created an RGB Color Mixing game. The game consisted of a specialy made controller comprising of 3 Force Sensing Resistor pads for each player. Each pad corresponded to an RGB value and the goal of the game was to mix colors an attempt to match a target color displayed on the screen.
Revision 1-

Color fsr testing

A video posted by AJ LeVine (@aj701) on

Revision 2 –

Rgb color mix game prototype A video posted by AJ LeVine (@aj701) on

In revision two the goal is to refine the UX. There were many complications in revision one we wish to improve. by redoing the mapping algorithms that control the FSR sensors we will make it easier for uses to hold values, we will also me instituting rubberization techniques into the physical component to further ease the ability to hold values. The UX will have a minor overhaul, creating clear goals for both players. We hope to have this running in the web browser and eventually have it running on an iOS tablet. Therefor we must convert the controllerto bluetooth LE.

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