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Assignment 1

For assignment 1 in computer graphics I started to play with 3D shaders, I started with the test file we created in class.

First Attempt – Live Link
During my first attempt I decided to zoom into the ball so it took up the entire canvas, I then added user color interaction along the mouse X axis. I used the uTime variable to give it a pulsing nature along with sin and cosin.

Second Attempt – Live Link
For my second attempt I smoothed the interaction of cursor.x by dividing it by 1000, I also stretched the visible canvas to take up the entire screen. I changed the value of the canvas holding the ball to 1200×1200 to maintain a high resolution as not to pixelate the screen. I created a variable called zTime that resizes the ball.


Assignment 0

Since arriving at ITP I have found myself extremely interested in pixel manipulation, having never coded outside of css and html I began working last year on learning the mathematics behind basic image processing techniques (gamma, saturation, contrast, etc). I loved learning how to manipulate certain ranges of pixel brightness to create my own affects. Having a background in photography I found the mechanics behind processes I have used on a daily basis for most of my adult life fascinating.

During my second term at ITP I became interested in 3D graphical work. This began by creating imagery using scanning techniques using the ASUS xtion IR scanner – virtually identical to the MS Kinect.
I began using skanect software to operate the device as a scanner/camera, then importing the scans and creating collages from the images using blender (a selection of work can be seen at This was my first time working in 3D, I started setting up cameras, and lights within blender to give life to the collages. I have become obsessed with using skanect and my asus xtion scanner and would eventually like to modify an xtion sensor to be more powerful and find a way to untether from my laptop for increased portability. This would involve creating a light weight application to capture data with perhaps a rasberry pi. Then later having a program that creates a 3D model from that data.

As my interest in 3D has increased I have started to become interested in the mechanics behind everything I am doing. I would love to learn more specifically about shaders and ray tracing. The idea of having the knowledge and understanding of the code behind these processes is really exciting.


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