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USA State Firearm Deaths (per capita – 2012)

Gun Deaths 2012
The above is a representation of firearm deaths per state per 100,000 residents, red states having more firearm deaths per capita. This is the beginning stage of a more complex data visualization. The visualization was coded in processing, click through to see the code.
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Solar Winds Disturbing Migration

In the distant future humans have been forced to leave their home in the Milky Way Galaxy due to the inevitable Andromeda collision. They now travel through space within giant bio-mechanical space birds acting both as vessels and guides ushering the last of the human race around the stars in search of habitable planets. It has been a journey lasting generations, their numbers are strong, but with increasing unpredictable solar storms the quest is suddenly becoming a failing effort.

Music: So Close – Jordan F

Audio interactivity – created in processing.

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